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Top 5 AI Photo to anime converters and filters

Published at : June 2, 2024

However, in this year, a delightful array of AI photo to anime applications has emerged, offering free or cost-effective solutions for turning your photos into captivating anime renditions.

Top 5 AI Photo to anime converters and filters

Have you ever wondered how you would appear as a captivating anime character? In the past, commissioning an anime artist for such a transformation could come with a hefty price tag.

However, in this year, a delightful array of AI photo to anime applications has emerged, offering free or cost-effective solutions for turning your photos into captivating anime renditions.

Having thoroughly examined numerous options, we present to you the cream of the crop when it comes to photo to anime converters:

Drawever AI Anime Generator:

Photo to anime

If you're yearning to give your photographs and images a captivating anime makeover, your search ends here. Introducing Drawever, the epitome of excellence in AI photo to anime tools. Our innovative solution empowers you to effortlessly transform your visuals into mesmerizing anime masterpieces that are sure to dazzle. Harnessing the immense potential of our cutting-edge technology, you can now apply enchanting anime filters to breathe life into your images, immersing them in the vibrant and dynamic style of Japanese animation. With Drawever's seamless and intuitive AI anime generator, the process of converting your art becomes a delightful journey of self-expression. Step into the realm of anime artistry and unlock the enchantment of our AI anime filter. Witness the awe-inspiring transformation of your photos into captivating anime creations in an instant. Embrace the magic of Drawever today!


Experience the pinnacle of photo to anime conversion with AnimeMySelf, the leading authority in AI anime filters and generators. With their state-of-the-art, meticulously calibrated AI model, AnimeMySelf sets the benchmark for producing unparalleled quality anime artwork among all other generators. By simply uploading a photo, users unlock the potential for their image to be transformed into five captivating anime variations. This approach ensures a higher probability of generating exceptional artwork, as it takes into account the inherent limitations of even the most advanced AI algorithms, minimizing the likelihood of errors. Elevate your anime creations with AnimeMySelf's remarkable precision and artistic prowess.


TikTok AI Anime Filter

Last year, TikTok introduced a remarkable AI anime filter, offering users the opportunity to create impressive anime art at absolutely no cost. This filter has gained significant popularity due to its ability to produce stunning anime-inspired artwork. However, it's important to note a few potential drawbacks. In some instances, the resulting artwork may deviate significantly from the original photo, resulting in a character that bears little resemblance to the user. Moreover, utilizing this filter requires having a TikTok account and granting the app access to your phone's camera. Despite these considerations, the allure of transforming yourself into an anime character using TikTok's AI anime filter continues to captivate and inspire users worldwide.

Meitu: Mobile Application

Meitu, a popular Chinese mobile app, leverages AI technology to enhance beauty through its extensive collection of filters. The app has witnessed explosive growth in popularity, garnering viral attention on numerous occasions across various social media platforms.

However, it is essential to consider certain drawbacks associated with Meitu. The most notable concern pertains to the app's terms and conditions, which users must accept prior to utilizing its features.

Privacy becomes a significant concern with Meitu, as the app requests permissions beyond the camera and photo storage. It also requires access to sensitive information such as your location, phone number, and even the ability to launch on startup. These privacy-related red flags raise apprehensions about potential data exploitation for advertising purposes.

Another privacy concern revolves around the ownership of the photos you upload. By using Meitu, you grant the app the rights to utilize your facial images, including the possibility of featuring them in advertisements. 


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of anime with Selfie2Anime, an exciting and free service that adds a touch of enchantment to your selfies. To access this magical transformation, simply sign up with your email address and follow a few simple steps.

Once the processing is complete, an email will swiftly land in your inbox, delivering your exquisite artwork directly to you. Get ready to behold a unique interpretation of your selfie in mesmerizing anime style.

While Selfie2Anime offers an exhilarating experience, it's important to acknowledge a potential drawback. Occasionally, the app may generate images with lower quality, which might not fully capture the essence of your original selfie.